Price Rite Home Improvements install the Liniar range – unbeatable thermal efficiency

Liniar is a superb range of windows & doors, benefiting from being the most thermally efficient products of their type on the market. The top of the range Liniar profile has additional chambers to prevent cold air from the outside transferring into your warm home. The uniquely designed six-chambered Liniar system not only prevents the transfer of cold air from outside to in, it outperforms the highest energy performance standards currently in existence.

Making an impact

Liniar windows and doors have made a real impact in keeping energy usage and costs down, which means they are already environmentally friendly products, but add in the fact that the uPVC is entirely lead free in its composition, and that all other elements are designed to be easily recycled at the end of their lifetime, you can rest assured that when you choose Liniar windows and doors, you are choosing truly environmentally friendly products. Liniar revolutionary multi-chambered profile offers superior heat insulation as well as structural rigidity. Highly durable, the Liniar profile is low maintenance and built to last.

Energy Performance Explained

Nowadays we're all a little more conscious when it comes to energy efficiency and the environmental impact we are having. Energy Ratings on windows and doors is the calculation that assesses the energy efficiency of the product, this uses the same 'traffic light system as you find on your domestic appliances.

A safer and more efficient home

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The performance of your window and doors is dependent on a variety of factors. Our windows and doors will ensure each installation meets and exceeds minimum security and energy efficiency ratings.

Since 2010 it’s been necessary for installers to prove that any window and door installations exceed a minimum security rating of ‘C’. Nowadays though ‘A’ ratings are generally expected as standard. This is demonstrated through the ‘traffic light’ style efficiency rating you’ll already be familiar with for your appliances. Working hard to ensure we continue to deliver great products and service to our customers means we’re at the forefront of energy efficiency; all of our windows and doors are manufactured and installed to meet ‘A’ ratings for energy efficiency.

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Choose Price Rite Home Improvements for quality installations that will last for years to come without compromising on performance.

Price Rite Home Improvements supply and install upvc windows and doors through out Essex.

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